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J & M Remodel Transforms A Leaky Basement into a Great Room

Before J & M Remodel could begin converting this 1,000 square foot basement into a useable bonus and game room, the J & M Remodel team had to identify and correct water issues that the existing sump pump could not handle. The J & M Remodel team installed a second, larger sump pump along with a battery backup system to ensure that any water that entered the basement would be pumped out even during a power outage.

The J & M Remodel team took another approach to preventing and mitigating water issues in the basement: waterproof LVP flooring. The waterproof LVP floor installation fully covers the room, including the basement wall. The J & M Remodel team used a strip of molding to hide the transition. The extension of the waterproof LVP flooring in this way means that if a water issue arises, the problem can be remedied easily.

The basement layout remains essentially the same. Two of the walls were enhanced with the addition of storage cabinets. A small table was added to a freestanding support beam that had to remain in the room. The table adds extra seating and better aesthetics to that part of the basement. A new granite countertop and backsplash updated the kitchenette along the back wall of the room. The granite countertop features a unique matte leather finish. Additional can lighting and trim were installed throughout, and the soft greige paint finish that the J & M Remodel team applied to the walls was light enough to brighten and warm the feel of the basement. Finally, the placement of the furniture and games in the room completed this excellent retreat suitable for all ages.

The gallery below contains six images taken after the basement remodel project was complete, and four taken prior to the start of the basement  remodel project. Please click on any of the photos to view it in its full size.